Animal and Plant Cells

Lesson Plans

Day 1

  1. Discussion
  2. I Know That
  3. Have students label diagram of plant and animal cells.
    Enchanted Learning - Animal cell Anatomy
  4. Make cells with play dough and objects such as buttons and pasta to represent cell parts
    Make a Model Cell

    Plant and Animal Cell Models
    Making Three Dimensional Plant and Animal Cells
    Animal Cells

Day 2

  1. BrainPOP!: Cell Structure
    View an animated movie about a cell structure then take a quiz.
  2. Comparison of Plant and Animal Cell
  3. Make an edible cell

    Edible Animal Cells



  4. The Function of Each Cell Part
    Comparing a Cell to a Factory

Day 3

  1. Powerpoint on Cells
    Students complete the following

Day 4

  1. The Virtual Electron Microscope


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