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The History of Chocolate - The Beginning

600 The Maya Indians moved from their home in Guatemala to the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico. They brought with them cacao from the rain forest. In Guatemala the Maya established large plantations to grow cacao.
1000 The people in Central America began using the cacao beans as money. Drawings have been found showing pictures where 10 beans could buy a rabbit or 100 beans could buy a slave. In one Mexican drawing a basket of 8000 beans was used to show the number 8000. The beans were also used to make a bitter drink. This drink was used to treat coughs and fever.
1200 The Aztec's began to rule Mexico. The Aztecs demanded payment in the form of taxes from the Aztecs with cacao beans. The Aztecs used the cocao bean for a drink. They added flowers, vanilla, and honey to their drink.
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