Ghost Stories

Fiddler's Rock  
     Near the top of Stone Mountain there is a large rock that is said to be haunted by the ghost of an old fiddler who used to play there a long time ago. Martin Stone was a well known fiddle player who entertained at dances, parties, and local gatherings all over Johnson County. He played the fiddle so sweetly that it is said that he could make babies stop crying and sick people well again.

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Drawing of Fiddler by Student

   Stone had another talent. He could charm rattlesnakes out from under the rocks. The snakes would lay in thesun while Stone played. When a number of snakes had gathered, Stone would reach for his shotgun and kill as many of the snakes as he could before they could glide back under the rocks.
     One day a neighbor found Stone's body on Fiddler's Rock. He had not reached for his shotgun quickly enough and his body was covered with snake bites.
     Locals avoid the area around Fiddler's Rock thinking that the high-pitched screeching sound that can be heard on cold winter days comes from the  fiddle of Martin Stone.

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Drawing of the Butler Bridge Ghost by Student


The Butler Bridge Ghost 

     Long ago a woman felt she could no longer go on living. She decided to kill herself by jumping off the Butler Bridge. As soon as she died she regretted her decision. To this day her soul can not rest.

     Locals say that her spirit haunts the bridge. In order to see her ghost you must go across the bridge late at night. Make sure no other cars are comingacross the bridge. Turn off your lights and quietly coast across the bridge.  As you reach the opposite side, count to three and turn around quickly. On the bridge you will see a woman surrounded in a blue haze looking over the rail.

The Butler Bridge

Photo taken by Frank Young
(Lasting Impressions - Boone, NC).


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