Standard 2 Number and Operations

SPI 0506.2.1 Read and write numbers from millions to millionths in various contexts.

SPI 0506.2.2 Write the prime factorization of numbers through 50 using both exponential and standard notation.

SPI 0506.2.3 Select a reasonable solution to a real-world division problem in which the remainder must be considered.


SPI 0506.2.4 Solve problems involving the division of two- and three-digit whole numbers by one- and two-digit whole numbers.

SPI 0506.2.5 Solve addition and subtraction problems involving both fractions and decimals.


SPI 0506.2.6 Add and subtract proper and improper fractions as well as mixed numbers.

SPI 0506.2.7 Recognize equivalent representations for the same number.

SPI 0506.2.8 Write terminating decimals in the form of fractions or mixed numbers.


SPI 0506.2.9 Compare whole numbers, decimals and fractions using the symbols <, >, and =.


Mixed Practice

Math Olympics