Standard 1 Mathematical Processes


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SPI 0606.1.1 Predictions - Make conjectures and predictions based on data.


SPI 0606.1.2 Estimates - Judge the reasonableness of the results of rational number estimates and/or computations.


SPI 0606.1.3  Integers - Use concrete, pictorial, and symbolic representation for integers.


0606.1.4 Select the representation that models one of the arithmetic properties (commutative, associative, or distributive).

Algebra Worksheets

EduPlace Worksheet

EduPlace Worksheet


Distributive Property Lesson

Distributive Property Lesson


Commutative Property Lesson


0606.1.5 Model algebraic expressions using algebra tiles.


Model Algebra

 Let's Do Algebra Tiles - 54 slide PowerPoint show giving examples's Do Algebra Tiles.ppt


Algebra Tiles


Algebra Tiles

Homemade Tiles for Algebra