Mountain City Elementary Students
Participate in Second Annual Science Fair

Students at Mountain City Elementary participated in the second annual science fair on Tuesday, November 13. The fair was held during the evening so parents could attend; however, projects were on display in the cafeteria throughout the day for students, teachers, and visitors to enjoy. “It was a great parent engagement activity,” said Ms. Triplett, principal. “MCE is fortunate to have families who support our school in our quest to provide quality education for every student.” Students in grades K-6 were provided with guidelines and challenged to enter creative individual projects while Pre-K/Head Start were represented by class projects.

     A first, second, and third place winner was chosen from each classroom. First place winners in grades 4-6 will participate in a county wide competition in the spring of 2008.

Winners in the school wide grade levels were:


6th Graders

5th Graders

4th Graders

3rd Graders

2nd Graders

1st Graders



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