Space Trivia

Each day during space week the students anxiously wait to hear what space trivia questions they will be asked. The questions are grouped according to grade level. All students who turn in the correct answer for the day get to place their names in a drawing. The winners of the drawing receive Milky Way, Mars Bars, Astro Pops, Moon Pies, Starburst, Starlights,  or school supplies decorated with space themes. Below is a list of the questions that are being asked. See how many of the 100 space trivia questions you can answer.

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  1. What is the nearest star to the Earth (besides the Sun)?
  2. What was the first animal in Space?
  3. What was the first manned Apollo mission?
  4. What phenomenon occurs when a star explodes?
  5. What planet's orbit cuts across another planet's orbit?
  6. What are the heavenly bodies that orbit the Sun between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter?
  7. Who was the second astronaut on the Moon?
  8. What was the name of the American space program that carried pairs of astronauts into space?
  9. What is the name of the Russian space program that an American Apollo linked with in space in 1975?
  10. What was the nickname of the Apollo 11 Lunar module?
  11. In what area of the Moon did Apollo 11 land?
  12. Which Apollo mission had to abandon its Moon landing and return to Earth because of an emergency?
  13. Which Apollo 11 astronaut remained in the command module and didn't land on the Moon?
  14. What was the first Apollo mission to carry a Lunar Roving Vehicle?
  15. What were the first words spoken by Neil Armstrong as he stepped on the Moon?
  16. What is the largest planet in the solar system?
  17. What was the last Apollo mission to land on the Moon?
  18. What planet is known as the "Angry Red Planet"?
  19. Which planet's axis is tilted almost 90 degrees to its orbital plain?
  20. What was the first satellite in orbit?
  21. Which president pledged that the United States of America would land on the Moon before the end of the 1960s?
  22. What was the name of the American space station that three teams of three astronauts lived in from 1973 to 1974?
  23. What theoretically results when a star collapses?
  24. In what constellation is the "North Star" (Polaris) located?
  25. How long does it take Haley's Comet to orbit the Sun?
  26. What heavenly bodies besides the Moon have men from Earth set foot on?
  27. How far away from the Earth is the Sun?
  28. What is the speed of light?
  29. Who was the first American to orbit the Earth?
  30. What was the first space mission to orbit any celestial body other than the Earth?
  31. Who was the first woman in Space?
  32. What is an astronomical unit?
  33. What planet is sometimes called the "morning star" or the "evening star"?
  34. What kind of scientist studies the stars?
  35. What is the most common instrument used by astronomers to study the sky?
  36. How many times does the Moon rotate on its axis as it makes a complete orbit of the Earth?
  37. What planets orbit between the Earth and the Sun?
  38. How far is it from the Earth to the Moon?
  39. If a spacecraft is in orbit around the Earth and its speed increases enough to destroy the balance between centrifugal force and gravity, what happens to the craft?
  40. If a spacecraft is in orbit around the Earth and its speed decreases, what happen to the vehicle?
  41. When did the first Russian satellite orbit the Earth?
  42. What nation used rockets in World War II to launch missiles against London?
  43. How many planets are in our solar system?
  44. Of the nine planets in our solar system, which is the fourth one out from the Sun?
  45. How many moons does Mars have?
  46. What city in Texas serves as a space communications center?
  47. Cape Canaveral is in what state?
  48. Of the four planets closest to the Sun, which is the largest?
  49. Which planet takes the least amount of time to orbit the Sun?
  50. Around what planet have scientists discovered the Van Allen Radiation Belt?
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  51. Ranking the planets in size from first (smallest) to ninth (largest), which position does Earth hold?
  52. Which one of the outer planets was visited by a spaceship from Earth in 1989?
  53. Which planet does not orbit on the same plane as the other eight?
  54. Besides Saturn, around which planet have scientist discovered rings?
  55. When the Moon is exactly between the Earth and Sun, what occurs?
  56. When the Earth is exactly between the Sun and the Moon, what occurs?
  57. Mariner 2 was the first American spacecraft to scan another planet. What was the planet?
  58. What are two of the planets that Voyager has visited or will visit on its tour of outer planets?
  59. What was Skylab's main mission?
  60. What is the American spacecraft that is launched by rockets and lands like an airplane?
  61. What is the estimated age of our solar system?
  62. Scientists predict that in about 5 billion years our Sun will become a giant red star. What will happen to the inner planets.
  63. Who was the first American in Space?
  64. In what direction does a comet's tail always point?
  65. What heavenly bodies travel in elliptical orbits around the Sun and are referred to as "dirty snowballs"?
  66. When will Haley's Comet make its next appearance?
  67. Redstone Arsenal, site of early U. S. rocket development, is located in what Southern city?
  68. The Arnold Engineering Development Center, a facility which tests models of space vehicles and rockets, is located in what Tennessee city?
  69. What does NASA stand for?
  70. Who was the famous German scientist that helped America move into the Space age?
  71. Who was the first man to stop on the Moon?
  72. "The Eagle has landed" refers to what space exploration accomplishment?
  73. To what does the term "Earth-rise" refer?
  74. Name one of the two forces that must balance each other for an object to remain in orbit.
  75. What nations have landed astronauts on the Moon?
  76. During the time it takes the Moon to orbit the Earth, how many times o we see it far side?
  77. When William the Conqueror won the battle of Hastings in 1066 A.D., what heavenly traveler made its appearance that same year?
  78. What is the Lunar Rover?
  79. What happens to its radio transmissions when a spacecraft re-enters the Earth's atmosphere?
  80. During the '60s and '70s, what was the main difference in the ways the U. S. and the Soviet Union recovered their space vehicles?
  81. What position does former astronaut John Glenn hold now?
  82. What was the United States first communications satellite?
  83. What satellite relayed the first television pictures between the U. S. and Europe?
  84. What was the first Soviet communications satellite?
  85. What satellite was the first to seen weather information back to Earth?
  86. What was the first American spacecraft to soft-land on the Moon?
  87. Who was the crew of the first space shuttle mission?
  88. What booster rocket launched Mercury capsules into orbit?
  89. What are the two Gemini missions that were in orbit at the same time?
  90. When did the Skylab space station return to Earth?
  91. What was the first manned launch using a Saturn V launch vehicle?
  92. What is the longest amount of time that any pair of astronauts actually spent out of their lunar module on the Moon's surface?
  93. Besides the Saturn V, what other launch vehicle was used by the Apollo program?
  94. When a meteorite strikes the Moon it causes a crater, what does one cause when it impacts with the Earth?
  95. Name four of the seven original astronauts.
  96. Which one of the original seven astronauts did not fly on a Project Mercury mission?
  97. Which of the original astronauts in 1958, later walked on the Moon?
  98. On what other space flight did first-man-on-the-moon Neil Armstrong fly?
  99. Who was the first scientist on the moon?
  100. What has been projected by President Reagan to be the United State's next major accomplishment in space exploration?


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